Trusted 100% neutral data centresFundaments of critical environments

TCN Data Hotels provides high-quality data centers. Complete neutrality in carriers, services and IT hardware and software makes us the ideal base for any business with an IT environment. TCN Data Hotels is now proudly owned by Quality Technology Services, LLC.  

The Colocation Network

TCN supplies high-end data centre space (colocation) to a wide range of high-end customers. TCN ensures 100% uptime for power, cooling, security and connections, while the customers provide their own servers. To realise this 100%, we have invested heavily in our equipment for electricity, cooling and security, which are all designed to be at least redundant. This means that when a part of the installation fails or needs maintenance, a backup immediately falls into place to maintain functionality. Due to the large scale and our professional approach, TCN tends to be less expensive and more reliable than in-house data centres or computer spaces.